Benefit Of Carbon Fiber£º
Light deadweight and thin
Random length, no related joint.
Material requires no pre-processing
Easy processing, no pressure and lifting
High strength
Prominent anti-fatigue capability
Anti-alkaline, anti-corrosion, anti-acid
Light deadweight makes its operation in narrow rooms and ¡¡normalusage under construction possible.
High strength. makes resistance against bending, close ring, ¡¡
¡¡against clipping as well as against consolidating possible.
High flexibility makes it possible to wrap components of
¡¡complex shapes.
It is applicable to the surface of different kinds of components
¡¡( roof beam, pillar, vent sleeve, channel, wall)
Resisting chemical corrosion such as soda as well as severe
¡¡environment ( harmless itself)
Textiles covered even
A long time for storage and operation
Sticking material of high strength and modulus.
Its base materials can be many construction materials such as
¡¡concrete, masonry structure and wooden structure.
Creep resistant under permanent loading.
Good anti-corrosion and anti-seismic properties

Carbon Fiber Strengthening and Constructing flow sheet£º

1.Concrete superficial treatment

2.Painted with primer

3.Concrete superficial treatment



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