Application of the engineering

  • Tunnel & Bridge Engineering Project:

  • Suzhou Wangting Bridge Maintenance and Reinforcement
    Shanghai Caoyang Road Bridge Maintenance and Reinforcement
    Suzhou Tonggang Road Wangjia Bridge Reinforcement
    Anhui XuanCheng City Red Bridge Reinforcement Project
    The Tunnel wall Reinforcement Project of Yanan East Road, Shanghai
    Shanghai Haian Bridge Reinforcement Project
    Lihong Bridge Maintenance of Shanghai East China Normal University
    Shanghai Feizhou unfinished Building Reinforcement
    Xuejiabang Bridge Maintenance and Reinforcement ,Shanghai Pudong Yanggao Road
    Suzhou 312 State Road Yangjing River Bridge Repairment
    Guangzhou Luoxi Bridge Rebuilding and Reinforcement
    Shanghai Gongping Road Pier Repairment and Reinforcement
    Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge Maintenance and Reinforcement
    Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge Maintenance Engineering
    Khartoum Sultan Bridge Reinforcement
  • Industrial and Civil Buildings:

  • Liyang JinHui Commercial Plaza Renovation
    Wenzhou Electric Power Dispatching and Communication Center Building Maintenance
    The material workshop Renovation Project of Shanghai High sand and Fine Spices Co., Ltd.
    The Canteen Renovation and Reinforcement of Jiaxing Power Plant
    Shanghai Meijialin Bathing Center Reinforcement
    Shanghai Lujiazui Rain Water Pump Station Maintenance
    Capital Airport Terminal Transformation Reinforcement
    Shanghai JinJiang Oriental Hotel Rebuliding
    Yangshan Deepwater Port Office Building No. 3 Rebuilding, Shanghai International Shipping Center
    Haikou Shenxin International Plaza Structural Rebuilding and Reinforcement
    Shanghai Yangpu District Tax Bureau File Building Reinforcement
    Shanghai Wujiaochang Wanda Commercial Plaza Reconstruction and Reinforcement
    Shanghai Jiangwan Stadium Cultural Relics Protection Reinforcement
    Rohm and Haas (Shanghai) Chemical Co. Plant Reconstruction
  • High Speed Rail /Rail Transit Project:

  • Guangzhou Metro Line 4
    Shanghai Metro Line 7
    Shanghai Metro Line 6
    Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway
  • Highway:

  • Zhejiang Jinliwen Expressway Overpass Reinforcement
    The maintenance and reinforcement project of the Yellow River bridge of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway
    Anhui High Pavilion River Bridge Reinforcement
    Zhejiang Lishui Highway Bridge Reinforcement
    Shiqing Highway Bridge Reinforcement- Shanghai-Ningbo high speed way along the Bridge Reinforcement after fire damage